Junk Guitars

     We start with the highest quality imported and domestic, new and used JUNK that we can find. Then we fashion it into the best sounding and playing instruments we can, with the emphasis on sound and playability. Appearance is second. Although the distressed look is what we are going for, quality of play and sound remain our #1 goal. FOR ORDERING INFORMATION AND MORE click here.

     "Camo" Junk #9
Shotgun shell knobs with 6 38 shell casings set in. Plays awesome!


"Miller Light" Junk #4
Bondo gray and black with beer bottle cap knobs. Miller light pick guard and bottle cap truss rod cover. Plays great.

         "Tear Drop" Junk #8
Satin black guitar with chicken-head knobs, real diamond plate pick guard and truss rod cover and maple neck. Impressive player.

Junk #11
One and only strat-o-flusher. Real toilet seat and lid. Complete with truck-stop graffiti and 'poop' knobs. Best of all it plays excellent.

     "Ladies Room"
Junk #B1
Avon knobs and authentic restroom sign. Plays great.

"Double Album" Junk #7
Donna Somers double album pick guard, built in anti theft device "locking lugnut" and lugnut tuners. Plays excellent.

     "Junk VW" Junk #2

"LP-Strat" Junk #6

     Junk Fire
Brent Mason wiring with Dimarzio pickups and a
Scalloped neck.


We guarantee our products to the curb.., in other words, you are on your own. We could lie to you and give you a phone number, and then give you the run-around to the point where you get so frustrated you give up. But the truth seems to be the best. We try to make our products the best that we can, but, like everywhere, s--- happens and we apologize beforehand and wish you luck in your repair.