Custom Painted Guitars

We have a wide variety of custom painted guitars and our inventory changes often. So check in on a regular bases to see what's new. FOR ORDERING INFORMATION AND MORE click here.


     Lowell's Strat
 Candy sunburst,
Seymour Duncan hot rails and Dime Bag Daryl sh-13 pickups.

   Old school flames
4 string bass

     Warlock Red Fire
Cast bridge and fender tuners.
Plays great.

Blue Fire Bass
Active pickup, locking bridge with real diamond plate pick guard. Excellent sound.

     Green Fire 5 string Bass
Humbucker pickup and cast bridge. Super player.

Custom fire polished, aluminum pickguard, Seymour Duncan hot rail, Dime Bag Daryl sh-13 pickups & Grover tuners.

     Ruby GT Double Cutaway
Custom candy apple red with racing stripe and gold hardware.
Wilkinson pickups and Bigsby tremolo.

Custom candy blue with racing stripe.
Alnico humbucker pickups, Bigsby tremolo and Grover tuners.

     Fender Squire Telecaster
Custom blue fire paint with
Brent Mason style wiring.